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Storybook Doll Challenge

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Advanced Category Winners
Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.

1st Place
Introducing ~ The Princess Aurora,
by Bonnie Lee Fontaine
from... RI, USA

Prizes: $100 Doll Net Gift Certificate and Copy of "Ivy Cottage " by E.J. Taylor!

2nd Place

by Laura Lunsford
from... CO, USA

Prizes: $75 Doll Net Gift Certificate!

3rd Place

Little Red Riding Hood
Doll by Patti LaValley
from... OR, USA

Prizes: $50 Doll Net Gift Certificate!

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People's Choice

1st Place - Advanced

Doll by Bonnie Lee Fontaine
from... RI, USA

Introducing ~ The Princess Aurora,
otherwise known as
Sleeping Beauty
as illustrated by Kinuko Y. Craft

Aurora is a 22" (if standing) cloth art figure depicting "Sleeping Beauty" on the day she pricks her finger. She sits on a bench playing her mandolin. Her gown consists of three layers: a lace underlay, a gold brocade underdress with sleeves, and a turquoise bodice with large bell sleeves. She wears matching slippers, and a gold tiara. Aurora is an original pattern.

Doll by Eusebia Leto
from... CA, USA

Dorothy of Wizard of Oz

Dorothy is a handmade cloth doll with a yarn hair. Her facial features are hand embroidered. Her socks and vinyl shoes are integral part of the design of the doll. She is an original design.

Doll by Jeri Mills
from... New Hampshire, USA

Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons

Original Design Based on the EJ Taylor book Ivy Cottage. 

People's Choice

2nd Place - Advanced

Doll by Laura Lunsford
from... CO, USA


She is 16 inches. Face and body are a soft knit.Face is painted with pens and acrylics. She was inspired by him, whom I found on sale after Valentine's Day.

She has a wire armature and is mounted on board. Articulated hands so that her fingers are crossed behind her (hoping he really is a prince). This is my own original design..

Doll by Judith Ann Jaques
from... Iowa, USA

Ruby Buttons, Violet Pickles
and Bertha Hazel.(Spider)

I was introduced to the books by E.J Taylor, in the 1990's, by a wonderful doll maker,Salli Lampi.

The Thorn Witch by E.J.Taylor is the inspiration book for the dolls I entered in this challenge. Ruby and Violet were made in Oct.2006.

Bertha Hazel--- aka, Spider was made Feb. 2008 for this challenge.
In this book Ruby and Violet are captured by the Thorn Witch for taking her black berries. A trade,with the Thorn witch's daughter Bertha Hazel, for Violets beautiful halloween dress sets them free.
All three dolls are all cloth, my own patterns. These are very basic rag dolls, made to be played with. I hope the children at our local library will enjoy them.

Doll by Judi Ward
from... Germany

Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons

Violet Pickles and Ruby Buttons are the little Rag Doll Heroines of the Ivy Cottage storybooks by E. J. Taylor.

Redheaded Ruby is the tomboy and entreprenoir and blond Violet is shy and bookish.

People's Choice

3rd Place - Advanced

Doll by Patti LaValley
from... OR, USA

Little Red Riding Hood

I loved the story of Little Red riding Hood as a kidlet so I chose her for the challenge. She is all ready to set out for Grandma's house and her picnic basket is equipped with all the right stuff: apples, cheese, eggs and pepper spray! You never know what may be lurking in those woods!

She is an original design, is 15' and made from camel doe suede. Her brown boots and hand made, she wears bloomers, blue dress, apron all of cotton, and of course the red hood! features painted with colored pencils and the hair is mohair.

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